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Located between Duhok and Hevlêr in Southern Kurdistan is the historical and beautiful city of Akrê. The name Akrê originates from the work "Agir" (or fire).

Like many cities in Kurdistan, Akrê is well known for it's magnificent mountains, beautiful nature, and great hospitality from the community. Akrê has some amazing historical sites such as Kela Akrê located at the peak of the mountains. History says that hundreds of years ago Kela Akrê is where the noble citizens of Akrê lived. Today however, Kela Akrê remains as a tourist location, where many come to explore the amazing caves and architecture from the past and also to get a view of the entire city.
In addition, it is essential to mention that Akrê is also famous for many of its natural springs and waterfalls such as, Kanî Zerik, Sipe, Gelî Zinta, Sipê Bicilê etc... As a matter of fact many homes in Akrê have natural springs in there very well cared for Gardens or vineyards.

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