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These people took looking unique to the next level. From tattooing whole body to undergo special surgery to look like an alien, they did it all.
  • 28 May 2020
  • 176 840
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All of the tattoos here were inspired by famous movies that left some mark on people. Do you recognize every movie from the tattoos?
  • 19 May 2020
  • 110 217
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Creativity itself is an art that doesn't need to fall into a particular genre. Some people are blessed with mind-blowing talent.
  • 12 May 2020
  • 140 999
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Tattoos like these make you question whether these people getting these tattoos were in a sane condition of mind or not! Horrible!
  • 26 Mar 2020
  • 162 177
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These are examples of when tattoo artists pour their heart and soul into their works! Such amazing tattoos!
  • 2 Mar 2020
  • 140 229
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Having a cute little tattoo is one thing, but these guys? They have modified their bodies beyond recognition!
  • 22 Feb 2020
  • 134 133
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These people have some of the cringiest of all tattoos out there. Better be safe than sorry.
  • 28 Jan 2020
  • 116 324
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These people saw the idea of standard tattoos and threw them out the window! These tattoos are cool, unconventional and rather smart! Not something you see everyday!
  • 8 Jan 2020
  • 122 309
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Nostalgia is something we love clinging to and what better way to preserve it than to get a tattoo or two of your precious memories?
  • 3 Dec 2019
  • 167 840
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Some hairstyles are, well, best left untouched. Here are some of the worst haircuts on the internet.
  • 21 Nov 2019
  • 157 971
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These people got some of the most messed up tattoos. You should never cheap out on tattoos.
  • 1 Nov 2019
  • 145 756
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These are anything but normal cakes. Have a look at these cakes.
  • 23 Oct 2019
  • 131 851
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Women do love the act of making their nails look prettier through nail extensions, different colors and what not. However, these aren't your average nail art. Credits go to nail_sunny
  • 14 Oct 2019
  • 128 638
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These are not the average skull or name tattoos we usually get to see. These are nature-based artwork on human skin.
  • 17 Sep 2019
  • 124 494
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Here are some prime examples of why wood is probably one of the best building materials solely based on their beauty. You gotta pay respect to the artists for their amazing work.
  • 3 Sep 2019
  • 84 071
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Tattoos on palms might seem like quite an odd idea, but these examples show how good they can look if done with finesse.
  • 21 Aug 2019
  • 87 505
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Guys, time to start appreciating photographers more. They go through a lot to get the 'perfect shot'. If this doesn't make you appreciate photographers, nothing will.
  • 20 Aug 2019
  • 79 119
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Tattoos can look breathtakingly beautiful if done tastefully. Here's a compilation of some amazingly well-done tattoos. Absolute eye candy.
  • 22 Jul 2019
  • 72 715
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