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Fashion is a complicated sense and not everyone is on the same page. But still, we can say these people surely are not in the team 'fashionable' of the year.
  • 4 Nov 2020
  • 37 077
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For ages, unknown men have fallen for women's eyes. So here we have a lot of lusty gorgeous women with great curves and beautiful eyes.
  • 29 Oct 2020
  • 73 413
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This fashion collection should be banned, it's that disgusting. Who the hell on their right mind does this? Humans, who else!
  • 14 Oct 2020
  • 52 955
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If you like fashion and related stuff, I would suggest you get the hell out of here. Your heart might not make it.
  • 24 Aug 2020
  • 64 727
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You can't trust a product completely only seeing it on a screen. Internet is full of lies and these people are the victims displaying their scars.
  • 22 Jul 2020
  • 56 977
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Some people don't get fashion, it's not their fault. But those who do, they suffer to see such anarchy and chaos around the globe.
  • 14 Jul 2020
  • 122 472
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In this world, there are billions of fashion styles. It is not possible for all of them to be good, thus you see their bad choices.
  • 1 Jun 2020
  • 58 445
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Freedom without criticism has produced some horrible mismatches that are a pin to the eye. Really, fashion police should exist in real life!
  • 5 May 2020
  • 63 082
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Not everything is meant for everyone and these people certainly haven't really been following latest fashion trends or even fashion that's considered "normal"!
  • 22 Apr 2020
  • 23 500
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These people have some rather unconventional hairstyles most people might not approve of. Yep, these are either totally wacky hairstyles, or hairstyles from a bygone era.
  • 7 Mar 2020
  • 30 550
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The world of weird fashion hasn't spared footwear! These are some of the weirdest shoes money can buy!
  • 17 Feb 2020
  • 32 077
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One does not simply understand fashion. The world of fashion is never stagnant, it's always dynamic. But these? Well, can't agree. You be the judge!
  • 27 Jan 2020
  • 30 664
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While fashion might be a subjective matter as a whole, a lot of us will never understand how the fashion industry works around with their notion of fashion.
  • 13 Dec 2019
  • 24 783
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Looks like these people have a really twisted sense of what we know as fashion. Ain't winning any fashion shows with a sense of style like these people.
  • 11 Nov 2019
  • 28 638
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To be fair, it would be pretty boring if everyone wore the most mundane clothes. But these are crossing the border of what's considered normal and making a 100m dash away from it.
  • 21 Oct 2019
  • 34 608
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We get it. Fashion shows can show us what the current fashion scene is, but aren't these taking obscurity a bit too far?
  • 18 Sep 2019
  • 56 772
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We don't know if these people consider these to be fashionable, but we don't think a lot of the general population will approve of their fashion choices.
  • 9 Aug 2019
  • 11 999
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People just like getting the weirdest of the weird hairdos. Do you consider these to good looking? We aren't approving of these hairstyles.
  • 18 Jul 2019
  • 15 157
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