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Meet Cailin Russo, the girl who made out with and rubbed all up on Justin Bieber as his love interest in his music video "All That Matters." Since the video, Russo said that she has received death threats from the many fans with Bieber Fever. On a happier note, she got private time with Bieber in his trailer — and now FaceTimes and texts with him. Hit Next to hear more about what Cailin had to say about Bieber after her experience working with him.
  • 1 Apr 2016
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With his smoldering eyes and various tattoos, Don Benjamin knows how to clean up and look very dapper. Check out some looks inspired by the man himself.
  • 11 Mar 2016
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Coconut oil has been emerging into the health world for years now and is becoming a staple in many households because of the multitude of health benefits that it has. The benefits range from skin care to improving digestion and aiding in immunity towards infections and diseases. Check out all the health benefits that coconut has to offer!
  • 9 Mar 2016
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Before the release of the highly anticipated movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, Lance Gross came out with his #Bae campaign. The celebrity photographer picked nine stars for the classy yet steamy shoot, including model Don Benjamin, Hit The Floor actor Robert Christopher Riley, TV personality Terrence J, and Vine personality King Bach. A few sexy ladies were included in the photo shoot as well including socialite Angela Simmons, and singer Mila J. Lance Gross drew inspiration from Fifty Shades, flirting with the idea of BDSM and shooting everything in black and white. Check out all the pictures and be sure to enjoy all the eye candy brought to us by the talented Lance Gross.
  • 4 Mar 2016
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The choker has a long history in the fashion industry and it's making its way back in 2015/2016. Check out the choker trends that are bringing the 90's back to life!
  • 23 Feb 2016
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You've seen them walk the runway in the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but see who made the cut for the top hottest models.
  • 22 Feb 2016
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