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Joined August, 25, 2007 Theory open for comment in Naked Scientists forum Andrew Kenneth Fletcher View profile More options 3 Mar 2000, 09:00 Newsgroups: uk.sci.misc From: "Andrew Kenneth Fletcher" Date: 2000/03/03 Subject: A day that went down in history Herald Express, July 6, 1995, page 19. (local paper in Torbay, Devon) Main Heading Eureka! Picture headers, text and pictures removed. A Revolutionary breakthrough claimed by a Paignton man is to be investigated by top scientists. Ideas man Andrew K Fletcher claims he has disproved a fundamental law of physics dating back to the 17th century. And impressed by the historic experiment at Overgang cliff, Brixham, to raise water 78 feet without the support of any artificial aids, John Hunt, Senior forestry Officer for Devon and Somerset who witnessed the experiment's success last Friday said: 'It was quite impressive. The rule that water will only rise 32 feet under atmospheric pressure when in a column was effectively disproved." But Mr Hunt explained that he is a professional forester not a scientist and a report on the experiment would be sent to the Forestry commission 's Alice Holt Research Station, near Farnham in Surrey, for further investigation. Mr Fletcher's experiment involves a long water filled plastic tube, strung up the cliffside with both open ends placed in two filled demijohns. A small amount of a salt solution is added at the top of the tube before it is completely filled with water, this acts as a liquid pulley says Mr Fletcher, lifting water from one demijohn to the other, thereby disproving Torriceli's 17th century law. This explains how trees can raise water to their tops beyond the 32 feet limit." said an ecstatic Mr Fletcher. He believes that the discovery also suggests a mechanism by which all life on earth has evolved from the ground. Sub Heading in bold. Cliff experiment pulls plug on 300 year old law of physics
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