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Extempore speech of 1-2 minutes before the personal interview in top MBA colleges is based on instantly given topic on any current affair, social or abstract topic without giving you time enough to think and prepare with a view to judge how coherently and effectively you could think and speak without ambiguity in your thought. Hardly 10-15 seconds are given by the panelists to organize your thoughts before speaking. Extempore Judges your Communication Skills: Key Component in PI Round Extempore speech has become a key component in the final selection round of many top MBA colleges in India like FMS Delhi, IMI New Delhi among other top MBA colleges. The importance of Extempore Speech can be understood by the fact that your success in this two minute oration round can get you through the final selection process rewarding you with the admission to the B-school. The weightage to extempore speech varies in different B-schools yet it can give you an edge over your peers in getting the final admission offer.
  • 11 Oct 2019
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