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We bet you enjoy while watching a real DF. Thanks alot to our proud pilots who always teach everyone who the ruler is in the Aegean. Those two very experianced air forces making dogfight with so modern jets to proove who is the "dominant one" in the Aegean for so many years. Today Greece keeps 132 F-16 Block 30-50 and 52+'s & 46 Mirage 2000 and - 5s, 57 F-4s with modern A2A and A2G weapons in its inventory while Turkey flying with 216 F-16 block 30-40-50s(Under CCIP upgrade) and 52 F-4 2020 Terminators, 32 RF-4E Phantom II, 45 F-5 2000 with the most modern weapons. Turkey answered with 100 F-35s, 216 F-16 CCIP modernisation , 30 new F16 Block 50+ and 54+48 F-4 Terminator modernisation projects to Greek's new F16 Block 52+ order. The dogfights over the Aegean made those two forces the most experianced air forces in the world. Also Turkey participated the Kosovo war with its 11 F16 Block50s in CAP role. Finally we got something for you. The HUD video from Aegean skies. Dedicated for whom claims their flir is 10 nm. As everybody knows there is a low heated campaing at the Aegean skies between two Nato member countries - Turkey & Greece
  • 16 Jan 2007
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