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Top Priority to Infection Control "We are committed to giving you the best dental care possible" ABOUT ME Dr. Rosenberg received his Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) degree in June 1975 from Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine in Boston Massachusetts. After graduation, he completed a General Practice Residency in Dentistry at Boston City Hospital (BCH), where he was one of two general dentistry residents, among fifteen oral surgery residents. Having obtained a solid foundation in both general dentistry and oral surgery, he was appointed as a staff dentist at Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center (HSNHC) and as an Assistant Visiting Dentist at Boston City Hospital. At the HSNHC, he practiced general dentistry for two years, dividing his practice between adult, adolescent and pediatric patients. He was part of the multi-disciplinary Primary Care Training Program for Pediatric and Internal Medicine Residents and a pilot Adolescent Medicine Clinic at Harvard Street NHC. At BCH, Simon supervised and taught the general practice residents in the program he had completed. Dr. Rosenberg then returned to New York City, to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) to start a two-year post-graduate specialty training residency in General Prosthodontics followed by a one-year fellowship in Maxillofacial Prosthetics. The 1978-1980 residency program emphasized crowns, bridges, partial and complete dentures, and the 1980-1981 fellowship focused on advanced techniques to reconstruct patients after head and neck cancer surgery. During those three years, Dr. Rosenberg also completed the requirements and successfully passed the American Board of Oral Medicine examination and was awarded Diplomate status. While the American Dental Association has not formally recognized oral medicine as a specialty, the military, the dental schools and numerous hospitals have training programs and active research programs in this area. Dr. Rosenberg's interest in this area includes treating the oral complications of head and neck cancer therapy by surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, as well as the treatment of numerous non-malignant oral conditions which present with mouth sores, ulcers, dryness, etc. In the second year of his residency, Dr. Rosenberg was awarded support from the American Cancer Society. In the third year at MSKCC, he was supported by the Samuel and Hannah Holtzman Trust Fellowship, for advanced training in Maxillofacial Prosthetics. From 1981 to 1983, Dr. Rosenberg was appointed as a "Special Fellow" in the Dental Service at MSKCC and combined clinical care with teaching and research. His research emphasized the oral complications of chemotherapy, including altered dental development in children treated with chemotherapy for cancer. In 1983, Dr. Rosenberg was appointed to the full-time staff at Memorial Hospital (MSKCC) as an Assistant Attending. He continued on that staff until leaving, after eleven years at MSKCC, to set up full-time Private Practice in September 1989. In 1985, Dr. Rosenberg passed Phase I Part 1 of the American Board of Prosthodontics and became board-eligible in prosthodontics. Dr. Rosenberg's research support included a Junior Clinical Faculty grant from the American Cancer Society from 1983-1985, a Leukemia Society of America Fellow grant from 1984-1986, two institutional research grants from the ACS and a three-year Clinical Investigator grant from the American Cancer Society. Since opening his private office in 1989, Dr Rosenberg has devoted his expertise to cosmetic and esthetic dentistry using high technology. He has pioneered in the CEREC one-visit all-porcelain crowns, onlays and veneers and with applications with laser dentistry. Digital radiographs reduce the radiation used by 80-90% over conventional film x-rays. Cosmetic digital smile simulation software is used so you can see what a smile makeover or bleaching might look like. Simon has published over twenty articles in dental and medical journals, two chapters in Dental Clinics of North America, the Care of the Mouth chapter in a cancer textbook (Manual of Oncologic Therapeutics), and co-edited The Clinician's Guide to the Treatment of Oral Conditions. He has lectured numerous times throughout the United States and Canada and in Colombia, South America. Simon was born in Manhattan in 1950 and raised in Brooklyn. He graduated Stuyvesant High School and Brooklyn College with a BS in Biochemistry. Currently, he lives with his wife and three children in the New York City area. September 1989 - Present After leaving full time at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, I set up a High Technology Dental Practice focused on Personal Patient Dental Care. We utilize Biolase Waterlase MD Dental Laser whenever possible to provide No-Shot, No-Drill, PAIN-FREE dental restorations (filling). We have used the Sirona CEREC Computer-Aided-Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system to take digital impressions with an infra-red 3D camera (instead of gloppy, gagging impressions) and custom design the Crown, Onlay and Veneers on the computer and precision mill the All-Porcelain restoration in 10-15 minutes in the office and then custom stain and glaze the restoration to match the patient's adjacent teeth, if the color needs to be adjusted. Since 1989 my private office practice has evolved from providing Patient-Centered care (kind of a Nordstroms or Ritz-Carlton approach to a luxurious client experience) with precise prosthodontic and general dental patient care into the Center for High Tech Dentistry that uses Biolase Waterlase MD and Oddesey Dental Lasers, Sirona CEREC CAD/CAM precision milled porcelain restorations that we can custom stain with our Vita porcelain oven and verify shade match with our Vita EZShade spectrophotometer. We also use other technologies such as Snap Digital Imaging (for Smile Analysis), T-Scan (Computer Assisted Occlusal Analysis for bite adjustment), and Schick Digital Intra-oral and Panoramic Radiographs (using 80-90% less radiation than film and elliminating the Lead, Silver and other chemical pollution associated with conventional fillm development.)
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