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Joined June, 24, 2008
Created by co-hosts Darren Kitchen, Wess Tobler and Alanna Buehring in 2005, Hak5 is a television show for geeks, hackers, and do-it-yourselfers distributed online. Inspired by former TechTVs The Screen Savers (1998-2005), Hak5 started out as an underground attempt to bring back tech entertainment. Within its first few months on air the show had become a hit among tech enthusiasts while mainstream media had begun to notice the booming Internet television world. Since then Hak5 has appeared on G4TechTVs Call for Help with Leo Laporte and Torrent with Amber MacArthur, as well as in Wired Magazine, PC Format Magazine, the Computer America Radio show, the TWiT podcast, and even Adventures of Superman. The show is produced out of pocket from the co-hosts home built studio, each episode pushing for ever higher quality. While the cast and crew are not formally television trained they have enormous geek ambition.
United States