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Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays is an independent feature film written & directed by 20 year old S.Mohen. It is a story of growing up, moving, love, art and and all those other crazy emotions you feel just out of high school. This film is the age old story of a young girl struggling to take charge of her future. Talented painter, Clarissa Ryder (Mary Fae Smith), has dreamed of becoming a successful artist her entire life. Encouraged by her two good friends Margaret Lloiend (Brigitte Ashley) and John Maher (Michael Sasso) she plans, upon graduating high school to move across country to pursue her dream. However, close to departure, she falls in love with Thomas Levy (Jeff Whitlatch), an aspiring musician who becomes her muse. During her confusion at college of how to reconcile her passion for art and her love for Thomas, she meets Charles Edmund (Robert Walters), a strong unartistic pillar of support. ..Happy Holidays.. chronicles the tumultuous and confusing relationships these five characters are faced with. Going through affairs, engagements, promises and heartbreak, Thomas, Charles, Margaret, John and most of all, Clarissa must learn how to deal with the dreams of their past along with the realities of their future.
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