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James W. Hawk

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James "Jim" W. Hawk was born in New Eagle, Pennsylvania. He is of German, Irish, Scottish and Native American (Seneca) decent. At the age of three, he was moved to Cleveland, Ohio. In 1972, he pursued a career in industrial sales and marketing with a Fortune 500 company which resulted in being relocated to Rochester, New York, South Bend, Indiana and finally, New Haven, Connecticut. Jan Harlan (executive producer for Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg) has viewed much of Jim’s work and has given him high marks. F. Miguel Valenti has viewed Jim’s work and assessed it as better than much of what is released these days. After spending six months teaching himself non-linear editing programs, Jim attended a training program for studio equipment at a local television station. Jim's first film project was a two hour and four part cinema verite called The Old School Roadster featuring Larry, a local car guy who built a Roadster in his garage. It was aired on television stations throughout Connecticut.
United States
New Haven