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Joined November, 27, 2007
The web has changed the way in which people communicate and interact - new means of conversation and self-expression mean that media and information are now highly devolved and diverse. So, why are we doing this? We thought that we would either have to totally ignore this medium or fully embrace it - going half-measures would have been a waste of your and our time. So, we're joining in the debate and giving our views on the subjects we hold dear: Technology, Innovation, Fashion, Style and Design - as well as asking for your own. We'll be up front, and we'll respect the values and codes of the blogging world. This isn't a fly-by-night product related spam push. We're here for the long-term and willing to discuss topics with you and the wider community, so feel free to join in with your views on what we're about. If you have any question, comments or concerns abut what we are doing then feel free to email helen AT lgblog dot co dot uk
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