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Joined April, 23, 2008
I am a solutions provider at ZENITH PROPERTY SOLUTIONS L.L.C. and my goal today is to provide real estate solutions that are customized for you and made with your best interests in mind! So, how may I serve you? MISSION STATEMENT: OUR GUARANTEE IS THAT WE WILL PROVIDE SOLUTIONS THAT SPECIFICALLY MEET YOUR NEEDS. ZENITH PROPERTY SOLUTIONS L.L.C. is dedicated to our mission of providing excellent services to our clients by creating and delivering solutions that are unique and specific to your needs. We will listen to you because you are first and foremost a person to us and we know that when we provide you excellent services you will reward us by referring others to us. In order for us to deliver excellent solutions to you, we will first need to understand everything about your situation. We look for ways in which we can over deliver and exceed your expectations. Our goal is to not only meet your needs but to deliver our solutions effectively and as efficiently as possible. Our mission is to provide outstanding value for your money and time, to design and deliver quality service unmatched by our competitors. Our service, quality, reliability, responsibility, responsiveness, follow up, integrity and attention to detail all play a part in delivering our mission which is to serve you and to provide solutions with your best interests in mind. AREA OF EXPERTISE: Wholesaling. DELIVERING REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS TO YOUR DOORSTEPS FAST! ™ * Do you need to Buy, Sell or Rent a House Fast, in any condition or situation? We will provide a solution! * Do you have an Uncollected Judgment Or a Judgment Against You? We will provide a solution! * Do you need to get a High Return of 12% - 20% on Your Investments that is Secured by real estate? We will provide a solution! * We deliver solutions that are specific to your needs fast! TESTIMONIALS: For testimonials from our most recent clients, check out our website and then Click on the "The Company" link and then on the "Testimonial" link. We look forward to working with you in the nearest future.
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