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Joined April, 18, 2008
I'm a full-time RVer (since 2000!) with a passion for food, fun and RVing. Traveling, tasting and re-creating regional food specialties is one of my joys. Chances are these are some of your interests, too. With that in mind, I've created the very popular RV Cooking Show - Part travelogue, part cooking show, each less-than-10-minute episode - filmed in my RV kitchen - shares travel tips, ideas and recommendations on popular RVing locales and products then walks viewers through the preparation of a delicious destination-related dish. What a fabulous ride it's been so far - and I want to share it with you!! For printer-friendly versions of recipes seen on the RV Cooking Show log on to my website at Visit my virtual campfire - the RV Cooking Show blog at - for a slice of my RV life. It's delicious!!
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