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Joined April, 02, 2008
Life Is Meant To Be Abundant Where to start on who we are…. Well if you are interested in reading about how we met and our former career in hospitality, then click here. About Us On this page, ultimately we would just want to share with you what we do now and why we do it. As Income Stream Mentors it is our job, and pleasure, to teach people to think outside the box and discover the new economy and the many ways to earn multiple income streams. We have studied and understand Universal Laws – there are in fact 7 primary laws that each and every one of us abide by. They are the laws of nature, and just like gravity, you cannot change or defy them. Since awakening to this knowledge, we have mapped out our desired path to create our own reality both financially & emotionally. We believe it is everyone’s birthright to experience JOY! If you are unable to be ‘happy for no reason’, then all it takes is a shift in thinking, and you can pursue the life that you desire. About two and a half years ago we were introduced to the New Economy and the Wellness Industry. It still amazes us how this came about, but in any regard, we are so very grateful for what must have been a subliminal intention. Learn About Our Coaching Program Jason, the eternal sceptic, was happy to stand back and keep quiet whilst he uncovered a whole new way of thinking and embarked on his own journey to develop as an Entrepreneur… a journey that continues everyday. Jodie on the other hand, having always believed that things happen for a reason, launched into her education and personal development with as much noise as a kid in a candy store. Ready, FIRE, aim…. Not that it is right or wrong to do so, but there are many different ways to attract or repel others. We found both. lol!! Taking the journey to discover your own unique purpose, which of course is ultimately whatever YOU decide it to be, can be richly rewarding, emotionally, spiritually and economically. We highly recommend you Take Action NOW to reap the rewards of abundance in the future.