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Joined April, 23, 2010
Ever since I was 8 I had these strange goals, I just dreamed of doing big things. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Then I wanted to be an inventor, but I lost interest. One day I wanted to be a pianist and even a scientist! I was creative, but I couldn't read, I couldn't solve a simple math problem, I couldn't subtract, I couldn't add, and I couldn't spell a thing. People said I couldn't do anything. So I stopped talking for good...I wouldn't say a word, I stopped talking to my teachers, anybody in public. I wouldn't talk to one person,then, I wanted to talk again but I couldn't. It was too hard, there was nowhere for me to go. Then one day, I met a friend that helped me to speak again. One day she died from cancer. I'll never forget her. I made a promise to her and that's to become the greatest artist ever! Before I die. I will write the greatest piano piece ever. I will become the most influential person on earth. I will write the best forsaken novel ever written before the eyes of every man on earth. I will use my creativity, superflous, flowing higher than the flowering mountain tops, to invent the star that will change the world. After I have completed the first half of my destiny, I shall complete the other half and that will be to bring equality to the earth, but then, even then. I will not be finished. I will come up with the cure for cancer, designing the ultimate formula to cure all sickness. I will become the eye of the beholder! I shall invent robots so advanced 1000 years into the future. I will achieve everything one could possibly achieve in a lifetime before my death. I will accomplish a thousand feats multiplied by the vast amount of stars in the infinite universe. This is my destiny. It will happen one day...
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