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The beginning was back in '83 and we start as duo"Artoo"®© on two acustic guitars (members were Teo G. & Bojan Š.)..In '85 I got my first synth Yamaha PSR-16 and the Voyage Mode ®© alias Voyage M.®© (short name) was born.. My friends Aljoša K. & Dalibor M. also formed their band called "Void"®©, which was soon renamed to "Sabotage"®©. The "Voyage M."®© (Teo G.) lent to the "Sabotage"®© a few texts to record a different perspectives of that songs. We cooperated on doing some common stuff until Sabotage ®© existed.. In this days Voyage M.'s ®© members are: - Teo G. (multiinstruments, vocals, song writer) - Aljoša K.- Alex Q.(multiinstruments, vocals, song writer) and occasionally : - Tjaša K.-Tasha Q. (vocals, song writer) - Kristina B.-Cristy (vocals, song writer) Music style : Electronic / Avant garde / Experimental / Ambiental / Electro / Synth-pop / Pop / a little bit of rock (sometimes) Voyage M. sites :