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Joined May, 29, 2009
It wasn’ t always easy for me to find the answers my family needed about Alzheimer’s disease, and at times I was frustrated and confused. I promised myself that one day I would share all that I had learned—from my research and my experience—with other families that were dealing with Alzheimer’s. This dream came true when the Playbook was created and made available to my fellow Arkansans. We received calls and letters from so many people thanking us for sharing our story and information that I decided to make my dream bigger, and share the Playbook with people across our country. I gathered my team, and together, with the help and support of many Arkansan people and companies, we were able to generate the funding needed to make this Playbook available nationwide, free of charge, to anyone wanting information on how to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. It is our gift to you, in hope that you can benefit from my experience.
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