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Joined October, 13, 2008
I am an independent researcher and I work only on UFOs video, I have contacts from all over the world, and every time someone filmed a UFO sighting is sent me the footage from my contact in that country (thank once again all my contacts their valuable input, without which my work could not exist). I hope to find new useful contacts among you;) In this new channel has only a small part of movies that I have, and are mostly videos of relatively recent sightings. For those of you who want to deepen the understanding of this phenomenon, I put the link of my work on (click on the link below;) where you can find an extensive collection of videos posted by me (about 600) and video posted by other users. P.S. Scuse me for my english, but I'm italian ;) Also, enjoy my new "Videoteca Project" work if you are intrested to free movies in streaming (click the link below ;-D)