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*******www.clicksangeet**** As the name suggests, ‘clickSangeet’ – Music Learning Re-Defined’, redefines the traditional approach to music learning, an approach losing relevance in today’s fast paced digital world. Whilst traditional education systems continue to adopt a more digital approach to teaching, and reflecting events of today into their curriculum, music education has lagged behind adopting technology and reflecting the changing landscape of music, and with it, compromising the enjoyment music learning should provide. ‘clickSangeet’, with its redefined approach to music learning is focused on making music learning more interesting by: - teaching your favourite Bollywood songs, and performing them immediately, and - sharing these performances with a global audience, creating ‘your stage.’ In doing so, clickSangeet is focused on making music learning more satisfying and motivating for everyone, beginner to experienced, from 9 to 99.
  • 5 Jul 2012
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