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ClydeSight Productions are creators of award winning inspiring and entertaining software, e-books, and music products. We are the home of ClydeSight2.0! - The Fun and Games Cat site starring Clyde Big Paws, Feline Unit 236.8v2 - the only cat to be named after a software revision, filled with stories, pictures and music including the famous CATZILLA series of parodies and "Time Travel Clyde" as well a silly HTML and shockwave games. Our product line includes original music, e-books, self-help and inspirational software products: Brain Wave Stimulating Digital Subliminal Perception Programs (DSPP) - Unique VISUAL subliminal message self help programs on a variety of topics. The Dream Angel Oracle - Divination for the 21st Century Soul, interactive program to talk with your personal angels through the power of your computer. The Cross of Ramplet, The Mystery of Throckmorton Manor - Mystery suspense novel about the search in Regency England for the lost treasure of the Knights Templar. Count My Text - Word and Character count and optimizing utility that goes beyond a word processor to help with advertising, BLOGs, social network sites, SEO work, press releases -- anything where character count and space is limited and you must make maximum use of space allowed in Internet submission input boxes. Two Neoclassical CDs - Symphonia Felina and Other Mewsical Masterworks featuring the best of the MIDI Clyde Tunes performed in full synthesized orchestral arrangements and Forestdale, Tone Poems Inspired by Nature, spirit soothing tonalities combined with the imagination inspiring structure of neoclassical music performed by the XV Orchestra (also available in the iTunes and other MP3 stores).
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