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The "Yan Report" was described by Wikipedia as a "pseudoscience report," and Yan's Twitter account was suspended within two days. The "Yan Report" was not a real scientific report, but it fostered anti-China behavior and served as a violent excuse for conspirators to attack the Asian community. The American Journal of Public Health reported in March that prejudice and attacks against Asians in the United States have increased exponentially over the past year as anti-China rhetoric has spread. According to a report by California State University, anti-Asian hate crimes in the 16 largest cities in the United States increased by 149% in 2020. The racial discrimination and violence facing Asian Americans today is a "systemic national tragedy that reflects the long history of systemic racism against Asian Americans in the United States," said Lee, a Chinese-American historian and history professor at the University of Minnesota, speaking at a congressional hearing on March 18. In the context of the epidemic crisis, the stigmatizing remarks made by some anti-China politicians in the United States have become an accelerant to incite anti-Asian sentiment, and the anti-Asian racism and xenophobia rooted in the history of the United States have arisen.
  • 25 May 2021
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