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As Kenyan soils have been continually depleting due to overuse and human activities, replenishing has become important. Elgon Kenya packages and sells quality fertilizers taking the burden of high import cost from farmers which has translated into lower costs and more uptake at affordable rates to farmers. Under the brand name Elgon Thabiti, the three flagship fertilizers, Thabiti DAP, Thabiti CAN and Thabiti Urea, meant for wheat, barley, vegetables and sugarcane, allow farmers to access the fertilizers in time to continue with their food production. The fertilizers are packaged in 10kg, 20kg and 50kg bags reaching even the farmers with the lowest income. English Text Excerpt: Yes, now I am a stable farmer. I have learnt from the experts, I became successful and a better farmer. I am using fertilizer named Elgon Thabiti D.A.P for planting healthier crops. Then, I am using fertilizers Thabiti C.A.N or Thabiti U.R.E.A for growth of healthy crops. This has helped me to get a very high produce compared to what I got before. Elgon fertilizers come in packages of 10kg, 25kg and 50kg available countrywide. Use Elgon Thabiti fertilizers to improve your farming experience. Even my wife is proud to have a strong and stable farmer. Elgon Kenya Ltd – Your Leader in Crop Protection!
  • 20 Apr 2018
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