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Name:Evola (Von Rapsputin) Wonder Channel Views:13,085 Total Upload Views:1,109,265 Style:Variety Age:? Joined:December 21, 2006 Last Sign In:1 hour ago Website: Kings of Belt Driven Record Players 4 Track recording since 1984 creators of Hopalong Vixel Pop Parade thee original Paranoid Paranormal Paramedics with the Plan in Progress Never a Dull Mullet from the Cuff Spankin' Newbies freestyle Raps Skye Ryme "out of the Blue" not scripted Bargain Bin Buyer Beware MC Nice Price off the Shelves so you don't have to paypal Keyboard Kirilian Psychic Hipnotehighs Cornia Controls trademarked "SEE-N-SAW" by Dr.James Monroe, and professor of philosopy and art Oxford University... Principal of the Hip Hop School of Paranormal Poets in associate with Shedmore Production at the One Nail Studio CAST OF CREW and Creators: Evola Rapsputin Wonder Mada Vector Disc Jockey Nora Ida Ocean King of the Belt Driven Turntables H9 The Distorted Pimp (love and respect) Bettybluenote & Headloc Low Five (king of the crown Lo) Evlunder Polarfield MC Cook Emcee NICE PRICE Eno No (wackso oner) Ralph Amillion Selly Tevalis Dick Richy Zeke Walker Phantasmo FORCE Cattle Star Balacktica THE COPYCAT KILLERS and ideas pertaining to TRIGSBY BAUGE or still under cover
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