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Digital Marketing a comparatively small term but with large meaning to it, to simply understand it is marketing product or services with the involvement of electronic mediums. Learn the basic definition of Digital Marketing. Visit our free course to know more about Digital Marketing This free course by Growth Pixel is a comprehensive guide which helps you learn you Digital Marketing on your own in an easy way. In this lesson, you are going to understand: 1. How digital marketing has evolved 2. True meaning of digital marketing 3. The various aspects of Digital Marketing and how to go about it 4. The different domains of Digital Marketing We, at Growth Pixel, have been helping business for their digital marketing needs for last 7 years now. Some of our work is given below FYR. Learn Digital Marketing with Growth Pixel Academy. We believe in practical learning hence, we provide Internships to all our paid program candidates to get a better understanding.
  • 16 Aug 2018
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