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High Gear Company offers a range of different coverage options for Taxi Insurance, so make sure you check that your policy covers everything you need. You can choose to insure only yourself to drive your vehicle, or insurance that allows anyone to drive your taxi. Being a Taxi driver is a fantastic occupation, although it’s one that comes with its own challenges and hazards too. Meeting new people can be a great aspect of the job, but sometimes you’ll have to deal with objectionable passengers too. While unfortunately we can’t help you with any of these, we can assist you with that other great chore of being a taxi driver – navigating the confusing and often expensive world of Taxi insurance. At High Gear Insurance we’ve got a team of experts on hand ready to compare Taxi insurance on your behalf to help you find the very best deals around. But before you start shopping, take a quick look at our simple guide designed to help you easily understand the ins and outs of Taxi insurance. What type of Taxi insurance is right for you depend on the type of service you offer your customers? If you are operating on a private hire basis, taking telephone or internet bookings from passengers and arranging to collect them at a pre-arranged time, then you need private hire insurance cover. For more details reach us www (dot) highgear (dot) co (dot) uk
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