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Do you know everyday employees across the country spend at least 9 hours a day sitting at their desks and chair? Because of this, there is an increasing number of work injury complaints and a sharp decrease in employee wellness and workplace happiness reports. What can you, as an employer, do about this employee epidemic? One simple solution is to invest in ergonomic office furniture. Ergonomic office furniture is furniture that supports good posture and employee well being through its innovative design and comfort. Read below to learn about the benefits of ergonomic office furniture and how you can use it to create a happier and healthier workspace.
  • 24 May 2019
  • 41
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A design driven by Humanscale’s passion for the environment, the Liberty Side chair was created to push the boundaries of minimalism found in the Liberty task chair and be as simple and environmentally friendly as possible, without sacrificing Humanscale's philosophy of complete, automatic comfort. Niels Diffrient developed the Liberty Side to showcase the same complete-body comfort found in Humanscale task chairs, but made with lightweight, recyclable and long-lasting materials.
  • 14 May 2019
  • 32
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