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Jishnu Dasgupta is a Bangalore-based jazz guitar player, best known for his work as a jazz improvisor and teacher of jazz music theory. Equally at home in both bebop jazz and blues guitar styles, Jishnu maintains an active performance and teaching schedule as a jazz musician in India. Jishnu began his study of the guitar in 2003, beginning with learning rock guitar, and later focused exclusively on jazz guitar, developing a style that incorporates the use of extended range 8 string guitars in jazz. As a jazz guitar teacher as well as a diligent student of the artform, he consistently stresses on the importance of developing oneself to be thorough jazz musician through deliberate practice and clearly articulated roadmaps - - a philosophy he lives out by spending a great deal of time assimilating articulating bebop jazz vocabulary as well as working on personal ways of expressing a more contemporary jazz guitar sound.
  • 23 Jul 2019
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