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Joined July, 27, 2008
I ,Rapunzel The Bald am a hyperactive fairy tale heroine I was bored to death waiting on a tower to be saved by some prince so I cut my hair myself ,made a rope ,tied and hanged it ,climbed down and escaped to adventures ... My friends are Peter Panic, Slowbite and Raven Dwarfs,Alice inWANDER-land ,Bleeping Beauty ,The Little Barmaid,Little Match Lighting Girl . Peter Panic- no need to say- is always in a panic ,Alice in WANDERland wanders and plunders ,The Little match Lighting Girl is a phyro ,she sets everywhere afire .The Little Barmaid is 3 years old. She runs her own bar and serves only milk, but every kind of milk including whales milk ,wolves milk ,badgers milk.. ..Slowbite is a vampire princess and her bite turns people into were-ravens , thats why seven dwarfs have become "Raven Dwarfs " ,Bleeping Beauty is identical twin sister of Sleeping Beauty .She is insomniac ,she can't sleep and since Sleeping Beauty sleeps all the time, she felt lonely ,bored ,so we all moved to Wake Islands to wake Sleeping Beauty up, but it didn't work. Finally poor Bleeping Beauty became totally insane ,she constantly bleeps...)) She goesbleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleep bleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleep bleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleepbleep...