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Joined March, 27, 2007
Kutmusic is an Italian record label founded in 1988 as a cassette-only label, by Dj Batman (aka Nicola Battista). The label surfaced on the indie market during the 90's with vinyl, CD and CD-r releases and also collaborations with other labels for compilations. It has been online since 1995 and in the digital music market since 1998 (ten years from the start of the underground activity). It focuses primarily on electronica in all forms: ambient, house, dance, techno, jungle, drum'n'bass. Kutmusic signed the first digital distribution deal in 1998 with Nordic Records, being the first Italian record label to enter the market. In 1998 Kutmusic signed a distribution deal with CDuctive, later acquired by Goodnoise/eMusic. This resulted in Kutmusic and related labels to appear in the eMusic subscription service in year 2000. In 2004, Kutmusic tracks landed on Apple iTunes. Artist roster includes Altered Sounds, Dj Batman, Gizmo, Modra Stjerne, Paco Dj, PCUS, Shadrach and others. An association with funk/soul/ska/pop group Agua Calientes led to a couple of releases on the FlockHauS sublabel.