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Latif was born in 1964, the son of a wealthy Iraqi businessman. He attended the most exclusive school in Baghdad where another pupil was Uday Saddam Hussein, son of the future President. Everyone noticed the boys bore an uncanny resemblance to each other. Whilst Latif was a young army officer fighting in the Iran/Iraq war, he was summoned to a presidential palace and informed by Uday that he wanted Latif to become his 'fidai' or body-double. After a spell of imprisonment and threats to his family, Latif was forced to agree. He underwent cosmetic surgery to look even more like Uday and was trained to act like him in every way. For years, Latif represented Uday in all manner of functions and duties. He lived in a presidential palace in a life of unbelievable extravagance and luxury. But Latif also witnessed the extreme cruelty of the Saddam regime. Uday's psychotic temper, rapes, orgy parties, torture atrocities, and sadistic murders. Latif was so psychologically disturbed at losing his own identity
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