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This song is dedicated to our struggle and all whom support Palestinian self-determination.. share the video with the world !.. In Solidarity, Steve Biko Thomas Inspired by the work of both Naomi Klein and Dr.Dahlia Wasfi... It is a very rough production, done with very sparse equipment, in my home. I am presently seeking a small label deal and/or funding, to produce and present a politically-charged CD release, this summer. STEVE B.I.K.O. Freelance Writer/Composer/ Music Publisher *******stevenbikothomas.ning****/ *******www.reverbnation****/stevebiko Steve Biko Thomas, STEVE B.I.K.O. for Backward Never Publishing (ASCAP) *******soundcloud****/steve-b-i-k-o/j... LYRICS "Enough is enough, man...straight up and down...enough is enough, man...I tell them like Mandela told them, 'Your enemy ain't my enemy'. As a matter of fact, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, know what I mean? Yo, it's way past time/Israel is gulity of war crimes/ There's aparthied, and plus a genocide in Palestine...(2x) Justice For Palestine! No justice, no peace!(4x) Fake activist-rappers won't speak on Israeli atrocities/ In the occupied Palestinian territories, 'cause Jewish monopoly/ Of the record industry, got all those cowards shook-up/ They livin' in fear of going bankrupt/So, those hyprocrites? You can't trust!/ But the fact of the matter is/Jewish soldiers splatter kids/ With rubber bullets and live ammunitions/They have to live/ With the occupation of their nation by a foreign army/ Zionism is Racism!/Anti-semetic is what they'll call me.../ But who cares? (I don't!)/Cause they didn't care nothing about Racheal Corrie!/Ran her over with a bulldozer, then they tried to hide the story/And she was a U.S. citizen, who tried and died/To expose, the systematic destruction of a people's ability to survive/ That's genocide!/Commited by/God's "chosen people" (yeah, right)/ Incarcerating and holdin' people, indefinitely...Come on, people!/ The checkpoints and outposts in the West Bank make it a police state/1 million prisoners in the Gaza Strip, with no release date.../And the blockade of humanitarian aid is straight killing folks/So Benjamin Netanyahu ain't nothing but war criminal!/And the Freedom Flotilla/ From Turkey/Was attacked by Israeli killers/Commandos, in international waters, they killed 9 civilians (yeah)/And one of them was American, too/No better than you/That could have been you, fool!/Yeah,that could have been YOU!/Hunted down, caught and shot, but not by paparazzi/The state of Israel is being ran by a clan of Jewish Nazis! (Chorus) So what, Defense Minister Ehud Barack cancelled his trip to Paris?/He knows his blood-thirsty IDF killers just wasn't 'careless'/They came down on the Mavi Mamara/From helicopters/With a hit list of activists/To assassinate in their pockets/(Yeah)And the other 600 passengers were locked up and deported/After Jewish Nazis came, and had them beaten and tortured/It's time for Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions/That ought to spank'em/Don't support Caterpillar, that's who those fascists get their 'tanks' from!/And boycott Motorola for supplying Israeli soldiers/With technology used to oppress the youth out in Romollah.../You say "Ramallah", so holla, cause ain't no justice/Hamas won democratic elections...end of discussion! (Period)/They point the finger at Iran...Come on, please!/Israel's the ONLY country with nuclear weapons out in that Middle East/They tried to sell nuclear warheads to F.W. de Klerk/To wipe out sub-Saharan African countries...It's time to put in work...Come on! (Chorus) Written by Steve Biko Thomas Backward Never Publishing (ASCAP) This video was MADE by the beautiful Afraofsheffield Humanitarian Global Social people gathering.. to support Palestinians, Palestine and its capital Jerusalem-القدس (¯`* ღ ✿ L♦O♦V♦E ✿ ღღ ✿p♦e♦a♦c♦e ✿ ღ*´¯) تجمع إنساني, اجتماعي, عالمي .. لدعم الفلسطينيين .. فلسطين وعاصمتها القدس *******www.facebook****/group.php?gid=118719891500541&v=info Leila Khaled - Palestinian Character: " We must love and be future-oriented if we wish to carry out the revolution." (¯`* ღ ✿ L♦O♦V♦E ✿ ღღ ✿p♦e♦a♦c♦e ✿ ღ*´¯) *******www.facebook****/group.php?gid=122404301133966
  • 28 Feb 2011
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