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Joined January, 01, 2008
I'm just a regular single mom who got sick, became unable to work, so I decided to start my own home based business. Over 2 years later, I'm teaching others how I built my business on a shoestring budget using free tools and social media marketing. The Social Media Marketing Academy is in full swing now, so I'll be sharing bits and pieces of what that is about. Actually, some of my students seem to think that I am giving away too much content on my websites, blogs, and video sharing channels. But, once they realize just how much they're going to learn, they'll see that it really is only a portion that I'm giving away to the public. If this retired bartender can take her Internet business from obscurity to success, so can you! Enjoy the videos and look forward to more, I've been making a ton of videos lately, I just need to upload them all.
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