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MBBS in Russia fees Russia has become one of the most admired destinations for foreign medical education. Aspiring Indian students who seek low-cost medical education prefer to study Medicine in Russia. You will be amazed to know that the Russian government offers a number of advantages especially to the foreign students for pursuing MBBS in Russia. Therefore, today more and more Indian and other students around the globe desire to get admitted to a Russian University for MBBS course. Getting admissions in one of the medical colleges of Russia is 60-70% easier in comparison to other European countries. Moreover, MBBS in Russia fees is also affordable. It’s much lower than many other Asian and European countries. Even, Russian medical universities/colleges don’t ask for any donations. Amazingly, the list of world’s top 100 colleges has the medical universities of Russia on the first thirty positions. The country possesses the maximum number of the best MBBS colleges and universities. Students can reap the benefits of the best infrastructure and study environment without paying any donations or capitation fees. The admission process for pursuing MBBS in Russia is straightforward and very easy.
  • 29 Oct 2018
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