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Joined February, 14, 2009 Elliott Wave DVD-Video Seminar Robert R. Prechter, Jr. and Dave Allman, the two premier Elliotticians in the world today, present video-DVD instruction about how to understand and use the Wave Principle. Imagine learning everything you need to know about the Wave Principle from the privacy of your home or office. You can watch the DVDs again and again, to absorb the most advanced details of the Wave Principle. Introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle. You'll understand, step-by-step, how the psychological forces within markets construct the basic Elliott patterns. Counting Waves Correctly. How to apply the Wave Principle to every market, from stocks to cocoa -- and how to apply the three Elliott rules that will separate you from 90% of the self-appointed professionals using Elliott today. Characteristics of Impulse Waves. How you can identify five wave structures at all degrees of trend, when failures are most likely to occur, and how not to be surprised when they do occur. Characteristics of Corrective Waves. The way to easily identify the two major families of corrections, and when to expect explosive price action after a correction. Rules, Guidelines and Wave Personalities. You'll learn how the personalities of each type of wave can make pattern recognition crystal clear. Understanding the Fibonacci Ratio in Financial Markets. You'll grasp how to apply the Fibonacci sequence to market analysis, and see that Elliott's description of market behavior anticipated Mandelbrot's concept of fractal geometry in natural structures. Calculating Fibonacci Relationships with the Precision Ratio Compass. Detailed instruction on how to mark Elliott Wave targets on charts. Includes the compass and instruction manual. Real-time Investing Using the Elliott Wave Principle. The Wave Principle can signal you when risk is low and help you decide how to place a stop-loss at the most logical point. Buying and Selling Options Successfully Using the Elliott Wave Principle. How to use one tactic to master most of the variables at once, and Robert Prechter's three MUSTS' for success in options. Questions and Answers. A compilation of the most interesting questions and informative answers on a wide variety of topics. The Elliott Wave Educational DVD-Video Series is unique in the investment world. In terms of quality and value, there's simply nothing like it. It will tell you all you need to know (and then some) if you want to use the Wave Principle for investment success and protection.
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