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Mopeds are the preferred form of transport here because cars are heavily taxed on import. Hanoi, for example, has a predominantly moped-based transport system, whilst Saigon (much richer) has more cars. If you see a car in Hanoi, it’s likely to be a Bentley or a high-end Mercedes belonging to a Party bigwig. In richer Saigon, it’s harder to know for sure. Most interesting to me is how the moped has become more than just a commuter bike, but has also become: An all-purpose transporter, this being one of many loads (look at the gallery at the bottom for more examples):
  • 28 Oct 2018
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This amazing picture was taken in China and featured on Reddit. These dogs are training to be police dogs. This is the same country where it's legal to eat dog meat, and the world is outraged every year at the Dog Meat Festival in Yulin. Hopefully the Chinese see dogs like these and understand that they are companions, not food. Comment below with your thoughts.
  • 21 Oct 2018
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