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Joined October, 02, 2008
Hello and welcome! My name is Brian Michael. I am one of the owners of Wealth4Everyone ! ...... I'm not much of a writer so bare with me here. I'm one of those people who don't talk much. I'm a smart guy but a man of few words. I am curious though... is it my mindset? I think so. People shape their life through their thoughts and actions. I have set a few goals in my life before but in some cases I did not get to accomplish them. I have been missing out by not taking ACTION!!! Nothing will change if you don't actually Do anything! Because of that, I have decided to do network marketing. It will allow me to interact with like minded people and share some ideas about home based businesses. In my spare time I look for online businesses that could get me some residual income. To tell you the Honest truth why I do this is because 1. I want to help out myself financially 2. I want to help my family and friends 3. Then make a change in other peoples lives by helping them out 4. Serves as a back-up in case the Economy goes down....(again) 5. Helps me deal with changes around me 6. It will allow me to remove all my limitations and finally become what I strive to be or do Pretty much its me and the rest of the World. I started out in online network marketing 4 years agol. I saw ads saying "Make thousands a week" "Earn money by doing nothing" "Join this because its the best money making program". Unfortunately I was so overwhelmed and got to find out that making money online ACTUALLY takes some TIME and WORK. What you put in is what you get. Although there are VERY VERY few programs that will do 98% of the work for you. Till this day I am STILL educating myself about network marketing! Don't get me wrong, there are some online home business that are scams you just have to be careful and do your due diligence!!! Don't be so naive and believe everything you see online. As a matter of fact I would think that only 51% of the things you see online is true. I've had my ups and downs in trying to make money online. Which is why I made this site: -FREE TO JOIN. I made it for the sole purpose of those who are like minded. It is possible to make some amount of money online. You could use it for gas, groceries, clothes etc. Making money Online will NOT get you rich overnight! Any program that GUARANTEES you success of achieving $5,000 a week is more likely a scam. If you are looking to get rich overnight your better off buying a lotto ticket (and we all know the chances of winning the lotto. Basically I'm taking a risk, playing around with (real) money online to see what happens. I have reached the point where I make thousands a month . I'm willing to put in some time and effort......Now i want you to be able to make that income. Feel free to send me a message. Thanks Brian Michael
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