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PUBLIC SERVICE WARNING! A member of the Legends Hawaii Rock-A-Hula staff has been having unprotected sex with tourists within the backstage wardrobe area. This employee is a transsexual escort and HIV positive! The director Gavin Vinta was alerted to this for the protection of the public and his company. He in turn had charges filed against the whistleblower and granted the criminal employee a raise! -Having unprotected sex with others and not notifying them of it is considered manslaughter in some states and is a criminal act. --Legends Hawaii Rock-A-Hula from this point is a CRIMINAL OPERATION disguised as an innocent show. If you have had sexual relations with anyone within the Legends Rock-A-Hula office, building, or backstage area at the Royal Hawaiian Theater, 2201 Kalakaua Avenue, Building B, 4th Floor please get yourself tested!!!
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