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iBlow, the application that lets you blow realistic bubbles on your iPhone. Simply blow gently and steadily into the microphone and your virtual bubble will expand in size. When it's just the size you want, give an extra strong blow and it will release and wobble around. You can then gently push it with your fingers or hit it in the centre to pop it. Turn on smoke effects and you can blow bubbles that contain all the colours of the rainbow. When you pop such a bubble, the smoke releases and dissipates. Want to blow kisses towards someone you'd like to flirt with? Simply turn on the 'Presents' option and your bubbles will contain a cool icon. Select your preference from kissing lips, hearts, skull & cross bones, the sun, the earth, flowers, snow flakes, teddy bears and the ying yang sign. You can even make your own bubble images with iBlow. With the 'camera' icon you can cut out an image from any of your pictures in your photo album and start blowing bubbles with it in. Personalise the scrolling background from a choice of six different designs; cloudy sky, grass, lava, water, starry night and sunset. A fun application to entertain your friends and family with - or just to show off your iPhone and demonstrate the cool things it can do!
  • 21 Feb 2009
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