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Sarah McClatchy Easy Notes is a Note taking App with which you can write or draw your personal notes, check lists, to do lists & a lot more. Sarah McClatchy Easy Notes is a productivity oriented App which helps in your daily life to maintain your to dos. Create and edit text & drawing notes, to-dos and task lists Organize notes by 9 different color Backup your data on your mobile device Restore your data from deleted notes. Take handwritten notes naturally in your Android, phone, which supports Android apps! With Sarah McClatchy Easy Notes you can write exactly like you would on paper using an active pen. Sarah McClatchy Easy Notes brings special feature of active pens on capable devices to offer holistic, force sensitive handwriting. Merely compose by using the pen and erase with your finger! All your notes inside one location and with you, anywhere, Notes taking is an electronic journal for your to-do catalogs, lecture and session notes or just about anything you would like to compose or take note. Notes is a great helper to manage your calendars and notes. It provides one, a fast and basic notepad editing experience whenever you write notes, entry, e-mail, message, purchasing checklist and to do checklist. It makes to take a note much easier than any other notepad and memo application. This particular Application is a new, ecstatic and straightforward application right on your Android. Notes taking is always at your hand, anyone merely have to write down what you wish to do or what you don't want to ignore, you might even do not conserve it, it would do it for you, so Keep works on your phone, tablet, laptop. Everything you include synchronize throughout almost all of your devices so your ideas are always with you.
  • 7 Oct 2018
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