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If gaming is your thing, here's a post just for you guys! SCROLL to START!
  • 10 Jan 2020
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Sometimes, you can't put a tag or a price tag on things. These moments are worth far more than any material wealth!
  • 7 Jan 2020
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There exists some things that you can never deny, even if your life depended in it. These make the cut!
  • 3 Jan 2020
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Well, not everything goes flawless for everyone all the time! These guys are having the more "off" times of their lives.
  • 30 Dec 2019
  • 15 394
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If you are from the 90's, chances are you'll know about these and these are sure to make you feel nostalgic!
  • 24 Dec 2019
  • 14 715
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You know you gotta have someone else in charge of writing headlines when they come up with stuff like these. Beyond hilarious.
  • 20 Dec 2019
  • 19 760
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Sometimes, words fail to explain a lot of things we see in our lives. In times like those, it's in the best of interest to let our hearts do the explaining.
  • 16 Dec 2019
  • 35 973
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There are so many things which make our lives worth it! Here's a mere condensation of what the best offered by life might be!
  • 11 Dec 2019
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If you ever struck off science as boring or complicated, here are some pictures to change your mind!
  • 5 Dec 2019
  • 15 197
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These people have failed so badly, that it physically hurts to watch them, but at the same time, you can't help but laugh. There you go, sicko, laughing at the cost of others' misery!
  • 30 Nov 2019
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Men always see themselves as the all-achieving daredevil of sorts. No wonder women lead longer lives than men.
  • 26 Nov 2019
  • 17 919
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Some hairstyles are, well, best left untouched. Here are some of the worst haircuts on the internet.
  • 21 Nov 2019
  • 46 343
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Who knew subways are going to be filled with the oddest bunch of people?
  • 16 Nov 2019
  • 21 063
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These people must be having the dark cloud of misfortune looming over their heads that day. The worst of bad luck.
  • 11 Nov 2019
  • 61 635
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Aren't dogs the best things to ever exist!? These are the few things you might be able to relate to if you happen to have dogs!
  • 7 Nov 2019
  • 24 359
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Of all places, showers are the places where you get some of the most wackiest of thoughts. Here are some thoughts to blow your mind.
  • 4 Nov 2019
  • 24 742
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The perfect horror slide for the perfectionist! If you even get slightly discomforted when you see something out of order, these are bad enough to give you a brain aneurysm!
  • 31 Oct 2019
  • 22 150
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There are normal haircuts and then there are these. Well, not really sure what to make of these.
  • 27 Oct 2019
  • 30 957
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