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Stage Shredded Status Review Video to give you secret behind the scenes access to the Stage Shredded Status DVD series. *******www.stageshreddedstatus****/ Vince Delmonte has just released an official Stage Shredded Status promotional video (see above link for more). And I have taken some of the best bits from it and put it to some cool music to create my own Stage Shredded Status Review video! For those of you that do not know, Stage Shredded Status is a set of 8 DVDs that chart the journey Vince made to achieve his WBFF Pro Card to become a Pro Fitness Model. He lost 30lbs of fat in 16 weeks and you will get to see exactly how he did it. You can then copy the techniques used yourself in order to get your own six-pack and make your own body transformation. Stage Shredded Status really is an inspirational and motivational watch, and anyone with an interest in the fitness model world, or making their own body transformation, will enjoy this one. *******stageshreddedstatusreview****/
  • 14 Jun 2011
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