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Welcome to the Swing Man Golf Metacafe Channel where you will receive golf swing lessons, tips & instruction. Jaacob Bowden is a Professional Golfer & Long Drive Champion with expertise in swing speed training. He has developed a swing speed training program that is "one of a kind" in the world of golf. Many people offer swing speed training aids but Swing Man Golf offers the ONLY Swing Speed Training Program in the world that takes very little time and offers exceptional results. Normal increases with the Swing Speed Training Program (10 mins 2x a week) are 12-16 mph which translates to 30-40 yards!!! One of Swing Man Golf's subscribers went from 94 MPH to 139 MPH and started competing in Long Drive Competitions! If you visit YOU too can become a better golfer & longer hitter in just a few days! Join our social network at to add friends, leave comments, create a profile, socialize w/others, networking etc.
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