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There's a different level of satisfaction when things manage to fit with utter flawlessness! So satisfying!
  • 28 Jul 2021
  • 5 433
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To casual eyes, these examples might just look mundane, but upon closer observation, a lot more can be observed in the backdrop!
  • 26 Jul 2021
  • 12 348
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If you think that you are the only soul on earth who's having a rather unpleasant day, think again. These people are suffering from a bad case of unluckiness!
  • 21 Jul 2021
  • 22 307
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They say laughing is therapeutic and they aren't wrong! Enjoy these hilarious yet randomly arranged memes to the max and have a hearty laughing session!
  • 18 Jul 2021
  • 10 549
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Looks like these are a case of lost in translation gone very, very wrong! So bad, in fact, they don't even make sense anymore!
  • 13 Jul 2021
  • 10 215
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It might not seem like much, but motivation, morale, lifting spirits, whatever you may term it as counts as a key ingredient of keeping us alive and moving. The world would be stagnant without motivation!
  • 13 Jul 2021
  • 39 997
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These people were given one job and they ended being as far away from their marks as possible. Totally not nailing it!
  • 8 Jul 2021
  • 11 443
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These are pictures of stores of the United States from way back in the 1960's! The good ol' times, as they say.
  • 5 Jul 2021
  • 35 636
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Dumb, dumber, dumbest! A lot of people on the internet seem to have lost a majority of their working brain cells and end up doing the stupidest of things possible!
  • 1 Jul 2021
  • 23 185
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Boy oh boy, these people are having it rough! If someone asks you for the definition of bad day, just show them these!
  • 27 Jun 2021
  • 20 914
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The world of the internet is as mysterious and deep as the deepest of oceans, and with that, comes the possibility of some of the strangest and the most unexplainable things out there!
  • 26 Jun 2021
  • 11 979
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Words are shallow and can't always paint the full emotions behind something, but pictures can!
  • 21 Jun 2021
  • 33 945
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These people truly define the word savage and what it means for a person to be termed as truly savage!
  • 17 Jun 2021
  • 19 131
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No good day of surfing the internet is complete without a good dose of wholesome memes! Get your shot here!
  • 13 Jun 2021
  • 26 315
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These shower thoughts are a step above from the regular shower thoughts you get. These require you to sit in the shower for 2 hours straight and contemplate about life!
  • 9 Jun 2021
  • 24 169
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Becoming a father is one of the most magical things that can happen to a man! Almost every man strives to become a father one day! However, fatherhood is a mixed bag!
  • 5 Jun 2021
  • 37 753
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These are examples of haircuts when people go to their barbers or salons, hand them money and ask them to think of their hair as an empty canvas! Let's be aware of the fact that not all barbers are good artists!
  • 2 Jun 2021
  • 43 110
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This trip down Memory Lane is sure to make you forget all the worries associated with adulthood and make you reflect on the time back when life was way more simpler!
  • 29 May 2021
  • 45 617
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