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PLAYMOBIL FILM STOP MOTION we created with PLAYMOBIL toys. We used old PLAYMOBIL from year 1974 and new PLAYMOBIL from 2016 as well. These are same PLAYMOBIL products we used: 1. PLAYMOBIL 3169 - Omnibus (2004) 2. PLAYMOBIL 3199 - Taxi (2004) 3. PLAYMOBIL 5338 City Airport with Tower (2016) 4. Some figures such as taxi driver and bus driver are from 1974. 5. Wheelchair is from PLAYMOBIL 3456 - Ambulance (1989) 6. PLAYMOBIL 5543 - Emergency Vehicle (2016) This PLAYMOBIL FILM STOP MOTION is especially presented for our lovely son, Carl Christopher, 3 years old. He enjoys watching this stop motion film as well as playing with PLAYMOBIL toys. What special from stop motion film is that we don't need to hear so many words. Just watching it, it will entertain us. We hope you enjoy our PLAYMOBIL stop motion film!
  • 22 Feb 2017
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