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Chocolates , biscuites ice creams .. these may be the fevourite food items of kids generally . but not in the case of 6 years old Baby Kushi Raj who just loves to much on raw greens. She enjoys eating bunches of green leaves like spinach, mint, coriander, curry leaves. and Tulasi. Be it break fast , lunch or dinner the meal is not complete unless she has her quota of the greens, And junk food? She just hates it. And not surprisesingly, she got the support of Doctors to continue her hobit. Dr Usha Rani , a Child special at Ghandi hospital, Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, india , syas the child is as normanl as any other kid and her - eating habit has only done her good. Kushi's father chintapatla Venkatachary , a creative artist and interior desinger , and mother Rajani an employee, say she picked up the habit seeing her diabetic grandfather eat raw vegitables, Both encourage her habit. Kushi is studing in 2nd class at St Ann's School Tarnaka, secunderabad, Andhrapradesh, India. her hobbes including singing .,,,
  • 15 Jul 2008
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