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Wildfyre is an original music project; blending folk, rock, and alternative. This song is about dealing with the jealousy and betrayal of a close friend, it's the first song in a series that tells one story. Journal Entry #1: Jealousy The story starts off as cliché as an M. Night Shyamalan script, at the end. After this song, the rest of the songs are in chronological order leading up to this one. The first time I fell in love, I was head over heels, to foolish to understand the woman I loved felt nothing of the sort for me. Never the less, I spent my time asking for relationship advice from a close friend, and he gave great advice. But eventually, he feel for her as well. Rather than tell me, he pursued his feelings. An ocean began to form between the three of us, as my friend and crush grew closer. Eventually they ended up together, and I never knew a thing until the day they decided they would be an "item". It hurt me, as my friend had deliberately withheld the truth from me, in an act that I can only regard as selfishness. It was love for them, but it was also selfishness. Saddening, because I would have gladly welcomed their relationship if they had just told me. I'm not sure if he acted out of Jealousy, but in my anger the words found their way on paper. I kept them, because it is a perfect reflection of how many people react in the same situation. I do not harbor resentment, and it was this anger that caused me to reflect and find a solution that was more benevolent. I had another friend who truly did act of jealousy, and he also charmed someone I cared deeply about. I think a lot of this song is about him, and his actions, but the sentiment of the song fit perfectly into the story that this project tells. His jealousy was so apparent, that it affected all his relationships. It drove the woman he charmed away, as well as many others, and to this day I see a lot of pain held within him. He is stuck in this cycle of: love, loss, anger, self hatred - repeat.
  • 10 Mar 2020
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