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Joined October, 16, 2007
Get the expert advice you need... yourBusinessChannel has been designed for successful entrepreneurs who are looking for the right advice about key aspects of their business. It achieves this as an online TV channel providing business people with no-nonsense advice and guidance about almost every aspect of business. It consists of numerous shows which are available to anyone with a broadband internet connection and a relatively up-to-date computer. The shows feature world-class experts and highly accomplished business people giving free tips to help entrepreneurs and business people to be successful. The channel has been developed and tested over the last couple of years, expanding its functions and developing new, fresh content in line with the growing focus on web-television and streaming video content. Since its public launch in 2006, yourBusinessChannel has enjoyed solid growth, and is on track to become one of the key sources of top quality business information via online TV. Throughout 2007, the programming schedule was greatly extended as the channel entered into new levels of show production. In response to the now heavy production schedule, an experienced editorial team has been gathered globally. This editorial team works alongside a number of researchers who are constantly seeking great topics for the focus of new shows and all new series. yourBusinessChannel is run from in New Zealand, where the Board of Directors, management and our core operational functions are based. Because yourBusinessChannel is delivered over the internet, it is available in every country in the world, and its content has therefore been designed to be relevant to business people globally. In keeping with that global view, our editorial teams are positioned around the world, with key production teams currently located in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. We also undertake regular and frequent editorial trips to North America, particularly the United States, to obtain footage, strengthen our contacts and attend industry conferences. Shows are primarily in English, although shows in other languages such as German, French, Italian, Spanish and Vietnamese have been developed, and more are planned for development in the near future. yourBusinessChannel brings together practical, no nonsense advice, FAST, in a television format, and to provide entrepreneurs -- no matter whether they are start-ups, or experienced business people in established businesses leading teams of professionals -- with great quality advice and guidance on key areas of business. Our aim is also to ensure that our editorial content is always filled with tips and advice from market leaders, innovators and the people who have really made a difference in their industry or field of expertise. To ensure our content meets this objective, the editorial team is always seeking recommendations for experts to interview. If you know someone that we should interview, then please visit our contact page to share the information with our editorial team. Also if you are interested in broadcasting any of our content as a syndicator or if you are interested in any other opportunities with yourBusinessChannel, then please contact our commercial team. To contact either of these departments - please click here. yourBusinessChannel shows are free to viewers who have registered with us online -- a process that is very fast and costs nothing. Once you've registered, you can watch any of the shows instantly, 24 hours a day so that whatever you need to do, you can get the expert advice you need to get results for your business!
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