Hello World Face Reveal - MYSTORY Nr1

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Hello World Face Reveal - MYSTORY Nr1 My First Video Hello World, Hello Viewers! Welcome to my first prope...
Hello World Face Reveal - MYSTORY Nr1 My First Video Hello World, Hello Viewers! Welcome to my first proper post ever! If you can read this you are literate, congratulations. MYSTORY-PLAYLIST MYSTORY-LABEL #atmodepth, #firstvideo, #introduction _______________ Main Text Body _______________ For Lack Of A Better Description 0:00 - INTRODUCTION: #introduction Hello World! Welcome to the first post in a long line of videos and blogs in which I will tell you my story. I am writing these lines to let you know that I will create as much content as I can during the next few months, so don’t be confused if I break the internet. In the case this happens I apologize… In fact I am glad to announce that you are witnessing the dawn of a new “online channel series of entertainment videos” and I know that this is what I have said in my video too but I think that there should be at least some connection between my video and text content. I will be creating different types of entertainment videos as well as telling the true story of this project which is basically the saga of a guy with a camera. 1:00 - CONTINUATION: #overview I am a simple content creator, I see upload, I click! This text has to be finished at some point… So don’t be confused if this post does not become as long as the Bible (not counting the Bible’s different versions). 2:00 - WHY: #reasons You might ask yourself why I am doing this. If this is the case I can tell you that I have no idea… Just kidding! I want to have a way to express myself and to let other people participate on my journey! (not really, I simply want your money) 3:00 - WHAT: #content I will create always a video together with a blog post which I will then share to as many different pages as possible. Below this text you can find links that lead to all the websites and social networks that I use. Feel free to follow me everywhere and share this stuff or use it as your startpage if you are completely insane!