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Donnys Diamond Gallery 2500 Memorial Parkway SW Huntsville AL 35801 Ph (256) 534-2255 *******DonnysDiamondGallery**** We have spent the last decade specializing in unique engagement ring, wedding bands or a piece of jewelry for someone special.
26 Apr 2011
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Bernard K. Passman was the world’s most well known and ornate sculptor of black coral. Having discovered this rare and unique gem in 1974 at the age of 58, Passman brought black coral into the public eye through his magnificent sculptures, intricate carvings and elegant jewelry designs. Passman’s talent for design and sculpture came to fruition, surprisingly, when he retired from a career as the CEO and President of a land developing company. In 1967 he opened his first art gallery in Galt Mile, Florida and found immediate success with his sculptures featuring exotic woods, stone, metal and clay. In 1974, Passman moved to Grand Cayman so he could further explore his passion for sculpting. He discovered black coral when a child brought him a bag of what he termed “dirty old twigs” and asked him to carve them. These “twigs” were in fact broken pieces of black coral. Passman became enchanted with the stone’s hidden beauty, which he translated into a new medium of sculpture and design Passman’s sculptures range from grandiose and whimsical to nature inspired wildlife. His vast admiration for Charlie Chaplin was the catalyst in his creating four sculptures of Chaplin, each reflecting a different period in the late actor’s prolific life. His first Chaplin sculpture, which was carved from one piece of black coral, poignantly remains unfinished as Passman ceased working on it at the moment he learned of Chaplin’s death. All four sculptures are not for sale and are on display at the Passman Museum in his Rodeo Drive gallery. *******island-showcase****/bernard-k-passman-galleries.html Your Ultimate Virgin Islands Vacation guide: *******island-showcase****
3 May 2011
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Windows Live accounts include 25GB of online storage space, and you can access it from the Windows Live Photo Gallery to share images or make a backup online. Read more at *******www****puteractive******/2026001
5 May 2011
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Donnys Diamond Gallery 2500 Memorial Pkwy SW Huntsville AL 35801 Ph (256) 534-2255 *******DonnysDiamondGallery**** Our custom jewelers can also help you build a personalized Three Stone Ring.
15 May 2011
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Donnys Diamond Gallery 2500 Memorial Pkwy SW Huntsville AL 35801 Ph (256) 534-2255 *******DonnysDiamondGallery**** Our master jewelers have gained the knowledge and experience to help you find jewelry to fit your fine taste.
15 May 2011
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Art woks- photography, painting by artists of Art gallery ImagineYmaG'ART. International artits.
20 May 2011
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Dublin's Hug Lane Gallery Travel Video Postcard *******www.discoverireland****,*******, ***********/travelvideo The Dublin, Ireland, “City Gallery The Hugh Lane” in Dublin. Ireland, houses Ireland’s country’s greatest collection of modern art. The Hugh Lane is also the oldest gallery of modern art and home to the studio of one of Ireland’s greatest artists, Francis Bacon. The Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane is a gem of a museum that is not only the pride of Dublin and of Ireland, but the Hugh Lane Art Gallery is an international museum gem
26 May 2011
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Donnys Diamond Gallery 2500 Memorial Pkwy SW Huntsville AL 35801 Ph (256) 534-2255 *******DonnysDiamondGallery**** Due to the valued importance of your diamonds, you need to take certain steps to guarantee its survival for generations.
14 Jun 2011
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Bead Stringers, and other artists, can be shy about approaching a gallery to show their work. They should not be. It is a great way of enhancing your reputation and earning money. Here are ten tips for working with a gallery from a former gallery owner.
17 Jun 2011
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Megerian Rug Gallery Scam Megerian Rug Gallery Megerian Brothers are rip-offs! Brooklyn, New York Megerian Rugs is an organization with no integrity and less respect for the law. They consistently try to convert rugs sent to them for cleaning for their very own use. Beware of those folks, they take rugs from rug cleaning jobbers and by no means return them. They claim that the jobber owes them money so they keep the purchasers rugs. It's clearly unlawful however it's a civil offense referred to as "conversion" not outright theft. u can read more at *******www.scam****/showthread.php?t=121759
21 Jun 2011
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*******marshall-lekaegallery**** 7106 East Main Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (480) 970-3111 Contemporary galleries exhibit a wide range of works but often specialize their representation into one or two of many genres being successfully produced today. One gallery that has found success exhibiting different genres with diverse styles is The Marshall~LeKAE Gallery of Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 1998 as an avocation by the erudite and cultivated attorney DeeAn Gillespie, the Marshall Gallery rapidly became a mainstay of Scottsdale on Marshall Way, the district renowned for superior contemporary art. The Marshall Gallery achieved prominence for its leading contemporary oil painters and sculptors, many of whom hail from Utah -- an albeit unknown haven of fine artists. Although cutting-edge contemporary, their artists are firmly rooted in the classical disciplines. Peter and DeeAn Strub, Marshall Gallery principals, reflect that consciousness of art as art separates humanity from the rest of creation. Art in all its forms defines human beings -- it is a fundamental of the human condition. And art is everywhere. Art defines people, our stories, emotions, and places. Clearly, great art withstands the test of time and is a link with our fellow beings of all ages. Beautiful experiences leave lasting impressions and the intensity of art can haunt and wake one in the middle of the night. True beauty has power -- human beings relate instantly to it whether graphic, formed (sculpted), as music or the language arts -- it requires no interpreter really. David and Linda Sherer, who started their fine art gallery careers in New Mexico in 1977, specialized in traditional western art and Southwest impressionism for 24 years in Taos. They and they opened their 'winter' gallery in 1996 on Main Street, Scottsdale. The LeKAE Gallery added a new dynamic to contemporary art and American fine crafts on Main Street. Our LeKAE collection offers an unrivalled array of fine sculpture, glass, ceramics, and metal work for the discerning collector. The combined Marshall-LeKAE Gallery offers the epitome of fine art and fine crafts in our celebrated place-in-the-sun of the art scene -- Scottsdale's Main Street. Our combined enterprise aptly retains both brand names, each representing an institution in its own right as The Marshall|LeKAE Gallery. The Marshall~LeKAE Gallery is open Monday-Saturday, 10:00-5:30 and every Thursday evening for ArtWalk until 9:00pm. The serious collector and casual browser are equally welcome. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist with any art consultation. We should be delighted to provide detailed answers to your questions about any of our artists or their art or how to acquire any piece featured on our website. 480-970-3111 or email us.
2 Jul 2011
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Donnys Diamond Gallery 2500 Memorial Pkwy SW Huntsville AL 35801 Ph (256) 534-2255 *******DonnysDiamondGallery**** Here at Donnys Diamond Gallery, we care about your diamond purchase as much as you do.
17 Jul 2011
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Mimetic Galleries is holding a fundraiser at: *******www.indiegogo****
25 Jul 2011
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16 Aug 2011
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Neha Dhupia hot photos gallery from www.supergoodmovies****, Neha Dhupia hot photos, Neha Dhupia spicy photos, Neha Dhupia hot, Neha Dhupia spicy, Neha Dhupia hot spicy images.
17 Aug 2011
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Rakhi Sawant hot photos gallery from www.supergoodmovies****, Rakhi Sawant hot photos, Rakhi Sawant spicy photos, Rakhi Sawant hot, Rakhi Sawant spicy, Rakhi Sawant hot spicy images.
17 Aug 2011
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